Winter Tips from Smitty’s

Most people are either on the slopes or huddling indoors this time of year. Lawn care and concerns about curb appeal are at least a couple of months away. Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC provides assistance and has some tips that you might consider during the cold winter months.

Snow Removal

An immediate concern for some is simply getting off the front porch and out of the driveway. Rigby lawn and snow can pose some serious safety concerns on that score. Perhaps you need to make it to your doctor’s appointment, or your grocery supply is running low. Let lawn and snow Smitty’s assist you.

Rigby Smitty’s offers expert snow removal. We have a variety of pickup trucks equipped with plows, front-end loaders, blowers, and hand shovels to get the job done. We can tackle large parking lots, commercial entry ways and sidewalks, as well as residential sites. Lawn and snow Smitty’s is equipped to get the job done.

Once snow has been removed, you will want to keep it as clear and for as long as possible. Smitty’s Rigby will lay salt or sand at owner’s request. Additionally, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC offers an anti-icing spray. This product works best if sprayed on surfaces before snow or ice have affected Rigby lawn and snow.

Rigby Smitty’s is available to assist you day or night during the winter months. Smitty’s Rigby service is dependable. Our goal is to get the job done.

Lawn Tips

The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the autumn. Just before the first frost, you should cut the grass, aerate, and apply fertilizer. Fertilizing helps keep your lawn from developing fungal problems due to snow.

Smitty’s Rigby can assist you in determining the next step for winter lawn fertilization. As the snows begin to melt, your lawn and snow Rigby service can inspect your lawn to determine if it requires a fungicide to return it to good health.

Winter is the best time to prune tree and shrub branches. Trimming branches encourages new growth. Trim your plants while they’re dormant, and they will be re-energized to sprout new growth come spring. One of our knowledgeable staff at lawn and snow Rigby will be happy to answer your questions.