The Importance of Fertilizer

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC: The Vital Importance of Fertilizer

Do you invest a lot of care and attention in your home’s lovely appearance? If so, you’ll probably appreciate receiving useful tips about fertilizing the lawn. Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC helps homeowners in the lawn care Rigby, Idaho area enjoy lush green lawns and beautifully landscaped yards throughout the year. We’d like to share some helpful information with you about the importance of fertilizers in promoting healthy lawns and gardens:

Rigby Landscaping: Fertilize The Lawn to Help Grass Thrive!

Today most homeowners appreciate all plants (including grasses), which require important nutrients in the soil in order to remain healthy. Vigorous growth often places lawns under enormous stress. The individual grass plants need the addition of fertilizer in order to obtain essential vitamins and minerals. Fertilizers essentially serve as “health foods” for growing plants!

Lawn Care Rigby Idaho Benefits From Soil Testing

Our customers sometimes ask Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC how we choose the correct fertilizer mix for their lawns? We conduct soil testing to determine the levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium already present in the ground. Then we select a fertilizer mix containing the best balance of these essential nutrients for the specific type of grass growing in the lawn. Our efforts help produce appealing, healthy lawns and gardens.

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow Offers Expert Rigby Landscaping Care

Many agricultural extension services (such as the University of Minnesota) provide detailed information about lawn care issues. Interested homeowners can research this data. However, for faster results, simply ask us to help provide regular lawn care and landscaping service for you!

Obtain Skilled Lawn Care Assistance

If you reside in Rigby, Idaho, perhaps in the past you’ve conducted online searches using terms such as “Idaho Rigby landscaping“, “lawn care Rigby Idaho“, or “landscaping Rigby Idaho“? Very likely the name of Smitty’s Lawn and Snow appeared in the search results! We serve as a premiere lawn, garden and landscaping firm in this area.

Instead of searching the Internet to locate “Idaho Rigby landscaping” and related services in the future, simply call us directly. Dial 208-351-1714 the next time you require any landscaping Rigby Idaho services. We assist customers by providing expert soil testing and other lawn care services (including fertilizer applications). We also offer experienced residential and commercial landscaping maintenance services, and regular snow removal assistance.

Detailed Fertilizer Information: