Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC: Our Stylish Lawn Edging Services

Did you know, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC offers convenient lawn edging services? We offer complete Rigby Lawn Care to assist our customers in maintaining lovely, well-manicured grounds. Edging contributes significantly to this outcome.

Most households in this part of Idaho ask Smitty’s to perform regular edging services. Rigby Smitty’s edging can assist you in showcasing your property attractively. Ask Smitty’s Lawn and Snow to supply this service when you seek Rigby lawn care.

Smitty’s Rigby Edging: Not Mowing or Trimming!

If you’ve ever scanned local classified ads and discovered offers such as “Lawn Care Rigby,” you probably already realize many folks equate lawn care with mowing. If allowed to remain uncut, grass continues growing. Property owners in Rigby frequently request Smitty’s to provide periodic mowing to prevent lush green expanses from overwhelming their grounds.

Some lawn services routinely incorporate trimming and edging services along with general lawn mowing. Yet increasingly today, many do not. Responding to a generic “Lawn Care Rigby” ad won’t guarantee your grass obtains edging.

Grass Edging: A Vital Procedure

Mowing typically involves cutting grass to a desired level to maintain a uniform appearance across a lawn. For instance, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow offers regular lawn mowing services to customers in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Rigby, and surrounding areas. Trimming operations remove excess material individually from trees, hedges, and ground vegetation. For instance, after performing mowing, a lawn care professional may also selectively trim grass to reduce the size of any individual blades the mowing machine missed. Rigby Smitty’s lawn care personnel use trimming routinely.

Edging differs from mowing and simple trimming. During this operation, a groundskeeper carefully traces and re-traces the entire perimeter of the lawn to create a distinctive borderline between grass and surrounding surfaces. This process removes some individual grass blades extending beyond the lawn’s boundaries, yet it also requires establishing a visible line of demarcation between grassy and non-grassy expanses. Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC utilizes specialized edging equipment to accomplish this assignment.

Request Edging

Edging creates a clear division between the lawn and surrounding structures. It contributes subtly, yet significantly, to the well-maintained, polished appearance of elegant grounds. Fine edging highlights your investment in cultivating a thriving, verdant lawn. Smitty’s Rigby team offers superb edging lawn care services. We fully appreciate the importance of this operation in helping reflect your home’s beauty!