Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC Can Make Maintaining a Healthy Lawn Easier

Proper lawn maintenance is essential if someone wants to have a beautiful, lush lawn. It can be hard to properly maintain a yard if the homeowner doesn’t have a green thumb though. Fortunately, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC can help any homeowner get the yard of their dreams through proper Idaho Rigby lawn care. The following guide provides a few of the many ways proper lawn care Rigby Idaho can be achieved.

Repair of Damaged Areas within the Lawn

If there are dogs in the area that urinate in the yard, there will be patches of yellow or brown within the grass. There are different treatments that the Rigby landscaping company can use to not only regrow the grass that has been destroyed but also deter the dogs from urinating in the yard again in the future.

Ensure the Grass is Properly Watered

In order to have proper Idaho Rigby lawn care, the grass needs to be watered regularly. Over-saturating the grass can lead to it developing root diseases or to drown and die. Not watering the grass enough can cause it to dry out and die. Smitty’s Lawn and Snow can monitor the weather conditions and ensure that the landscaping Rigby Idaho is properly watered so that the lawn and plants look great at all times.

Mow the Lawn Properly

Many people do not realize that mowing their grass too short can actually cause it to die. Lawn care Rigby Idaho requires for the grass not to be cut too short because the hot sun beaming down on the blades will dry them out. It’s best to make sure that the grass is the perfect length for the conditions and Smitty’s Lawn and Snow are professionals who know exactly how to assess what that length should be.

Prep the Lawn for Winter

Before winter hits, it’s important for landscaping Rigby Idaho to be properly prepared. Fertilizer needs to be put in place during the fall months to ensure that the roots are prepared for the harsh winter that lies ahead. Adding a root builder can help to promote disease resistance and help the lawn to be able to withstand the extremely cold temperatures.
Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC know the ins and outs of lawn maintenance. They can help to repair any damage that has been done to Rigby landscaping and prevent future damage from occurring.