Smitty’s Fall Tips

Lawn and Snow Rigby has seen it time and time again where the fall season hits hard, and people have to clean the gutters and make sure all the leaves have been picked up in the yard. Rigby Lawn and Snow does this for a living; so they know what a person can do to make things easier on themselves this season. In fact, instead of doing the fall cleanup themselves, perhaps Lawn and Snow Rigby could handle it better?

Tip #1: Prevent Exterior Water Pipes from Bursting

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC recommends that to prevent the water pipes on the outside from bursting as the weather drops below freezing temperatures, homeowners should turn off the valves running from the exterior hose bibs. Rigby Lawn and Snow recommends people keep running the water until the pipes have been emptied. Landscape Rigby also says sprinkler winterization is equally important where, like with the water pipes, all the water gets removed from the sprinkler systems.

Tip #2: Inspect the Wood Burning Fireplace

There have been over 5,000 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning from 1999 to 2010. That’s an average of 430 deaths every year, and Rigby Smitty’s thinks it could be avoided. Chimney inspection prevents carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires as the winter season gets colder. Landscape Rigby will handle the outside of the home and clean it up for winter. In fact, Rigby Landscape Services are even more popular during the fall season.

Tip #3: When to Mulch Perennials

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow says that the best time to mulch perennials is right after the first hard freeze. However, check to make sure the crown or center of the plant doesn’t get covered because this leads to rot. Smitty’s Landscape can check to make sure everything checks out on the outside. Rigby Landscape Services have the knowledge to do everything necessary for a relaxed fall season, and Smitty’s Rigby Lawn and Snow can also handle your driveways this winter season. Smitty’s Rigby cares for lawns and landscaping during the other seasons and snow over the winter months.


Tip #4: Clean the Garden Tools

Rigby Smitty’s has seen many times a gardening tool left out over the winter, which can lead to rust and other problems. When you hire Smitty’s Rigby Lawn and Snow, we can roll through a fall checklist specially designed by Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC to make sure everything for the fall season is in order.

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow can handle the fall trimming of dead trees. As a matter of fact, Smitty’s Rigby prides themselves on their ability to handle the trimming in this season. Through Smitty’s Landscape offers, you can keep tree branches from snapping over a harsh winter storm.