Preparing For Spring

Many of us are staring out of our windows at a landscape of ice and snow and thinking that we’ll never be free of winter. But the landscaping professionals at Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC know that spring is right around the corner. Homeowners shouldn’t be fooled by that yard’s current bleak appearance. While things definitely slow down for vegetation during the winter months, they definitely don’t come to a halt. Properties that are maintained year round are ones that are healthier and more robust. Read on to see how working with a company like Smitty’s Landscape to prepare for spring guarantees a gorgeous one.

Why You Need To Think About Spring In The Autumn

Before your property has to deal with the affects of another severe Idaho winter, preparations have to be made. Your lawn needs to be “groomed” by a company like Rigby Smitty’s in the form of regular grass mowings. Lawns should be raked free of leaves and small twigs. Aeration should be done to make sure vegetation can continue to receive moisture and nutrients during the approaching harsher months. And autumn is the time to apply both mulch and fertilizer to properties.

This may seem pretty straightforward, but as the staff at Smitty’s Landscape know, inappropriately done landscaping can actually be worse than doing nothing at all, and creates a fairly toxic growing situation. And by working with a landscape Rigby firm, property owners receive other landscape services that they otherwise might not consider. Most property owners don’t check up on tree health until there is a problem. Unfortunately, often by the time these issues are noted, it’s difficult or impossible to help trees.

But by having the staff of a landscape Rigby company place guards on trees in the autumn, trees can avoid serious damage from both snowplow “dings” and “sunscald” (tree cracking from winter temperature extremes). Hazardous limbs can be removed safely before winter wind and ice does so. And a Rigby lawn and snow team can also do autumn pruning and perform “tree surgery” in order to insure year round tree health.

A lawn and snow Rigby company can assist homeowners by safely and professionally cleaning out all gutters and downspouts at this time of year. Additionally, in using a company like Rigby Smitty’s, homeowners don’t have to worry about storing chemicals through the winter, or having to spend time winterizing equipment.

Winter Needs

While autumn is an important time for putting a lawn to “bed”, property owners should be working with a Rigby lawn and snow company now as well. That lawn and snow Rigby company can assist by working with clients to develop spring and summer plans. Smitty’s Rigby office can also assist by making planting recommendations and ordering vegetation now. And lawn and snow Smitty’s is well aware that even winter snow plowing can affect properties if done incorrectly. That’s why Smitty’s Rigby only uses plowing techniques that avoid destroying lawns and soil through gouging. A company like lawn and snow Smitty’s also uses the same care in ice removal. That means in addition to using salt in an environmentally responsible manner, the company uses other methods such as sand and rock chips.

Spring is coming. Will your property be prepared? With help from Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC, you will be able to enjoy a carefree spring and summer with your family.