New Customer Advantage of Smitty’s Lawn and Snow

Dethatching for a Picturesque Lawn

Rigby landscape understands weather has a habit of reducing the quality of a beautiful green lawn. Do-it-yourself lawn mowing adds to the reduction of lawn quality.

Bits of deteriorating foliage, decayed insects and dead grass collect between stronger, healthy blades of grass that become dense, destructive thatch.

Thatch is the reason for the appearance of strange white patches in lawns and whole areas of grass dying as soon as temperatures climb.

Advantages of Professional Landscape Services

Dethatching is a labor intensive job. It requires more than raking and special equipment to remove the lowest levels of thatch.

In the Rigby, ID region, residents don’t want to spend their free time on hours and hours of dethatching lawns. They choose Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC whose full service professionals are ready to do it for them.

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC built their reputation for creative, artistic landscape that adds curb appeal and increases property values.

Smitty’s Lawn and Snow Community of Satisfied Customers

When Smitty’s Lawn and Snow first began their business in 2009, residents welcomed their snow removal services. By the following year, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow professionals were besieged by requests from a community of highly satisfied customers for additional landscaping services.

From Snow Removal to Custom Rigby Landscape Services

Today, Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC offers a full compliment of landscaping services that meet Rigby landscape special needs. Their landscape designs are a testament to their expert skills and experience. Smitty’s landscape is the top landscape company Rigby ID residents prefer.

Advantages for Rigby Landscape

The major landscape company Rigby ID residents choose most often is Smitty’s because of their years of knowledge of Rigby soil and climate.

For new customers, there is another advantage: Free dethatching included with weekly mowing services at sign up. Few things are better than “free.” Smitty’s now offers free dethatching to new lawn mowing service customers to give their lawns a fresh start for the coming seasons. Dethatching is the best way to remove thatch and give lawns in the Rigby area that “professionally maintained” look.

Professional Maintenance vs. Do it Yourself

For new customers weighing their lawn maintenance options, there is no comparison between laboring over a lawn in their precious free time and having Smitty’s pros turn a bland or “needy” lawn into an emerald carpet.

The reason Smitty’s landscape begins their new customer lawn mowing services with dethatching is based on the method of “aerating” each individual blade of grass thick thatch chokes off. Smitty’s team uses state-of-the-art equipment to dethatch lawns. DIY customers should consider the cost of lawn maintenance and dethatching equipment vs. affordable landscaping services provided by Smitty’s. Another advantage to Smitty’s customers is not having to store dethatching equipment off season or keep it in top operating condition.

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Choose Smitty’s

Why work harder when Smitty’s makes lawn care work smarter for you? The best way to learn more about the excellent, high quality customer service Smitty’s is known for is to see results in your own lawn.

It’s easy and convenient to get started today. Visit and see if lawn care with Smitty’s isn’t the reason why satisfied customers are Smitty’s best “word of mouth” advertising.