Important Things To Consider Now

Every property owner desires a lush green, healthy lawn that maintains its look from spring through fall. Great-looking grass, however, is not a given. Having a good strategy in place is key to a gorgeous lawn this summer, say the experts at Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC.

To get a jump on spring, there are several aspects to consider, and the best way to analyze one’s property is through a professional service like Rigby Idaho Landscaping. They’ve been designing handsome curb appeal for a number of years now under Rigby Idaho lawn care.

Rigby Idaho Landscaping will devise an individual plan for prepping the yard. One of the first steps they will conduct is dethatching; it needs to be done to level the playing field, so to speak.

Smitty’s Rigby Idaho landscapers are experienced in the technique and equipped with the proper raking tools to get rid of matted areas and remove debris and winter issues that could be lingering in the form of mold.

The landscaping professionals at Rigby Idaho Smitty’s know that proper dethatching allows for turf grass to grow disease-free around an evener airflow.

The lawn’s soil can be tested by Smitty’s Lawn and Snow LLC. If the results show low pH numbers or an acidic reading, then lime can be added. If the pH balance delivers a higher reading, then the soil is alkaline, and sulfate can be spread. Grass needs to be able to draw on key nutrients in the soil for excellent development, according to Rigby Idaho Smitty’s.

Aeration can also be done to the lawn now, say the professionals at Landscaping Rigby Idaho. The process breaks up the compaction found on properties by penetrating the soil and letting the air flow into the root system. Landscaping Rigby Idaho says an aeration machine pulls up plugs of soil that help the microbes break down the thatch layer.

Smitty’s Rigby Idaho is a company that’s well-regarded in the area and knows the lawn bible from A to Z. Rigby Idaho lawn care recommends building up the nutrient base with the right fertilizing. This will provide immunity against excessive heat or drought issues during the summer.

Seeding might look simple, but grass variety matters, and the experts in Lawn care Rigby Idaho will determine the best type for one’s property and lifestyle.

Relax. Let the experts from Lawn Care Rigby Idaho grow it green and healthy.