Benefits of Dethatching Your Lawn

Having lawns professionally dethatched and aerated can benefit people’s yards in many ways. Thatch, which is a layer that consists of leaves, roots and other debris, can sometimes get in the way of healthy grass growth if it gets too thick, and dethatching can remove this layer to help the grass and soil. Smitty’s Lawn & Snow LLC offers premium Idaho Falls spring dethatch service that can keep customers’ lawns in pristine shape. Here are some of the main benefits that come with professional dethatching service by our professionals:

Better Moisture and Aeration

Lawns need enough water and air to grow healthy, and dethatching can help the soil get enough of these key elements. The thatch layer that is removed will allow for greater absorption of water and air so that grass can grow healthier.

More Nutrient Absorption

A layer of thatch that becomes too thick can prevent the grass and soil from getting important nutrients. With dethatching and aeration in Idaho Falls, more nutrients can get to the soil and grass so that the overall quality of each yard can be improved.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Too much thatch can make a yard look unkempt. By removing the extra thatch, each yard can look fresher with less debris taking away from the true beauty. Dethatching can enhance the aesthetic appeal of lawns by removing the debris that can make them look uneven.

Better Fertilizer Absorption

Any fertilizer that’s applied to help the grass grow healthier can reach the soil with less difficulty after the lawn has been dethatched. The fertilizer will be able to reach the root level of the grass easier to ensure better growth.

Smitty’s Lawn & Snow LLC has all the right equipment to offer the professional, affordable Idaho Falls spring dethatch service that will enhance everyone’s yard. Every customer who commits to receiving weekly mowing service from us will receive a free dethatch as a show of our gratitude. Local residents who are interested in our service are encouraged to contact us today to learn more about how we handle lawn dethatch and aeration in Idaho Falls.